What Is Integrated Pest Management?

Pest control techniques have been around since bugs and rodents began invading human spaces. Today, there are many different kinds of approaches and philosophies to pest control, and many different ways to get rid of and prevent pests.

At Newport Exterminating, we follow the principles of Integrated Pest Management or IPM. We believe that Integrated Pest Management is the most effective and most sustainable approach to pest control in the long run. 

What Are the Principles of Integrated Pest Management?

IPM is a style of pest control that prioritizes safety and minimal ecosystem impact. It does this via a broad approach that uses multiple different methods designed to control pest populations at their source. In other words, IPM is about low-risk pest control solutions, which means it’s the most effective treatment with the long-term health of surrounding animals, plants, and humans in mind. 

What Are the Go-To Methods of Integrated Pest Management?

IPM methods can be used from the smallest to biggest jobs to treat the variety of pests found in Southern California. Some of the more common methods that Newport Exterminating uses to get rid of pests in your home or business include:

  • Baiting systems—Using a variety of types of baits, pests can be brought out from the shadows and either captured and released or eliminated. 
  • Exclusion—By sealing cracks and crevices and ensuring that there are no ways into your home or business, pest problems can be prevented before they stop.
  • Glue boards—These boards can be placed where pests are most common or in conjunction with baits to cut down on a pest population.
  • Snap traps—Placed where animals normally go, snap traps can trap rats, mice, and other animals on your property.
  • Customer education and cooperation—Identifying and educating customers on their infestation cause, potential pest attractants, nesting locations, and future areas to keep an eye on. 

Are Pesticides Used in Integrated Pest Management?

Yes, pesticides are used in IPM. It is impossible to completely eliminate certain pests and certain infestations without at least some use of pesticides. However, where IPM differs from traditional pest control is that pesticides and chemical use are the last resort and not a first resort. At Newport Exterminating, you can trust our technicians to use pesticides and chemicals only when and where appropriate.

Choose Safe, Effective Pest Control Today

When you select a pest control company, you should select a company that is not only committed to quickly and efficiently getting rid of your pest problem but who is also committed to your safety. Newport Exterminating provides the best and most eco-friendly pest control around. Contact us online to schedule a pest control appointment today!

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