Huntington Beach, CA, Residential & Commercial Pest Control

Much like other Orange County cities, Huntington Beach’s seaside paradise can have its fair share of pest issues. Thankfully, Newport Exterminating’s experienced pest technicians can diagnose pest problems for both residential and commercial customers before providing solutions to help reduce the number of pests in the area.

Residential Pest Control in Huntington Beach

Our technicians will inspect problem areas in and around your home and then determine the best course of action to help reduce the number of pests in your kitchen, bedrooms, living areas, and even exterior spots near your Huntington Beach residence.

Commercial Pest Control in Huntington Beach, CA

At Newport Exterminating, we focus on reducing the presence of pests in your Huntington Beach business with integrated pest management (IPM) treatment plans. We’ll educate your staff on the importance of pest mitigation practices to help protect your investment, customers, and staff from dangers caused by pests.

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Our professionals can help diagnose and solve your pest control problem in Huntington Beach. Contact Newport Exterminating now to help protect your home or business.

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