Newport Exterminating Pest Control Post-Treatment Instructions

Insects have adapted very well to their environments. The insect eggs and pupa cases are well-protected and have the ability to survive extremes such as heat, cold, drought, floods, and pesticides. Pesticides do have a major impact on insects after they emerge out of the egg or pupa case. 

Insects also spend as much as 80% of their life in their nesting or breeding areas that are usually located inside walls or very secluded areas, which we simply cannot access. Because of this, you must allow two weeks for our materials to have an impact on the pests we have treated.

Pests will be controlled when given the appropriate amount of time for insects to make contact with our product. If a touch-up service is required, please be specific as to the area where the problem is occurring. Re-treatment (touch-up service) will be limited to only the areas where active infestation exists.

Post-Treatment Dos and Don’ts

  1. Do not use a damp cloth or sponge on the inside of cabinets for at least 30 days after treatment.
  2. All countertops should be washed with soapy water immediately after treatment to remove any light mist that may have occurred.
  3. If we treated for fleas, vacuum 2 days after treatment to speed up the pupa case hatching process. Vacuum daily for 2 weeks thereafter, as well as tile, linoleum, and wood floors. Dispose of vacuum cleaner bags or empty the canister outside of the house after each vacuuming. 
  4. If we have treated for fleas, do not have carpets steam-cleaned until after total control has been achieved. If possible, bathe your pet with flea shampoo weekly during flea season (June through November) and/or use a monthly flea treatment.

Download the list of post-treatment dos and don’ts.

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