Newport Exterminating Pest Control Preparation Instructions

Whether you’re a new homeowner or it’s been a while since your last pest control treatment, you may be wondering what to do before your Newport Exterminating pest control service. Discover how you can prepare your home for pest control with our helpful instructions below! Your efforts in completing the instructions below will greatly contribute to the success of your treatment from our service.

How to Prepare Your House for Pest Control Service

Clean the Main Areas of Your Home

Before your Newport Exterminating technician arrives at your home, your first step should be cleaning up the areas of your home that will be treated. Your kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and bedrooms are some of the most common spots your technician will walk around. Specific cleaning tasks you should tackle include:

  • Cleaning and taking dirty dishes out of your sink
  • Wiping food stains and crumbs off counters and tabletops
  • Vacuuming all flooring types throughout your house
  • Picking clothes and small articles off the floor
  • Make baseboards accessible as possible; no need to move heavy furniture

Clear Walkways and High Traffic Areas

To prevent tripping hazards and help your Newport Exterminating technician work efficiently, clear your home’s walkways and high traffic areas of any large obstacles, such as children’s toys, exercise equipment, ottomans, pet toys, etc. By keeping these items out of the way, our pest professionals can move freely and ensure your home is properly treated.

Remove Yourself and Pets

All people and pets MUST be removed for the entirety of the service including at least two hours after we treat your living space to ensure the treatment materials have time to dry.  

Are apartments different from single family homes?

Yes, treating apartments can be different because of the need to determine financial responsibility and obtain permission to work on the property. The first step is to notify your manager or management company so they can assess the situation and submit a work order to Newport Exterminating. It’s extremely important that you request a service appointment as soon as you notice cockroaches, bed bugs, and other pests associated with multifamily residences. Pests can easily travel between units, and the longer you wait to make contact, the more time these tiny invaders have to infest your building.

To prepare your apartment for pest control, simply take the same steps you would take in a single-family home listed above.

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