Bed Bug Treatment in Southern California

Bed bugs’ ability to easily sneak into homes on used furniture, luggage, and clothing washed at community laundry facilities makes them an extremely difficult pest to control. If bed bugs manage to invade, their itchy bites and unpleasant appearance can make your living space feel like a living nightmare in a matter of weeks. When you need bed bug control services, count on the professionals at Newport Exterminating. 

Do I have bed bugs?

Their small size makes bed bugs almost impossible to accurately identify without a trained eye. They do, however, leave behind common tell-tale clues. Some signs you may have bed bugs include:

  • Dark reddish stains on mattresses, bedsheets, clothes, and walls
  • A musty, strange odor
  • Small, itchy, red bumps on your hands, arms, and legs
  • Pinhead-sized white eggs and yellow shell casings on and around beds

You can identify bed bugs by their:

  • Color: Bed bugs are typically a brownish-red color.
  • Size: These small bugs measure about ¼ inches long.
  • Shape: Bed bugs are oval-shaped with flat bodies.

If you suspect you’ve discovered what you think may be bed bugs give Newport Exterminating a call.

How do you treat bed bugs?

At Newport Exterminating, we’re committed to giving you peace of mind for your residential or commercial property. If you suspect bed bugs have invaded, our technicians will inspect your home or business, identify the problem areas, and implement a specific treatment plan customized to your individual situation.

Schedule Your Bed Bug Treatment with Newport Exterminating 

If you think you may be dealing with a bed bug infestation, let Newport Exterminating handle it. We solve bed bug infestations with innovative bed bug control solutions designed to send these pests packing. Take your home or business back from bed bugs—contact Newport Exterminating today to schedule a service appointment or request a quote!

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