Bed Bug Treatment Checklist – What You Need to Know

Bed bugs are resilient and can re-infest homes very easily, invading the home on recently used luggage or a rotating line of guests. As a result, the bed bug treatment process is very thorough and very intrusive. In order to get the job done right, preparation of the space and treatment options are very unique for each service provided by Newport Exterminating. 

To help ensure a successful treatment, you—the resident—also need to do your part in the bed bug treatment process. First, in order to determine the scale of the infestation and establish a treatment plan, a Newport Exterminating representative must inspect to provide service cost and specific prep instructions.  Second, we work with you to create a comprehensive plan of attack including preparations done in advance by you, and a professional treatment service by us. We rely on your cooperation to make treatment areas available where bed bugs love to hide as well as make ample room for our technician to do the job right. Therefore, the time needed for you to prepare can be extensive. We look forward to working with you, our customer, to make the treatment a success. 

If you have concerns with being bitten by a bed bug, other health concerns, or for a medical diagnosis, consult with your physician. Newport Exterminating cannot guarantee against biting or the continued presence of bed bugs.

What to Do Before a Bed Bug Treatment

Prep Your Home

  • Remove all loose articles from the floor
  • Cover or remove any fish tanks 
  • Do not move items from one room to another prior to treatments, as this can cause spreading of bed bugs to other rooms
  • Vacate the premises all occupants, including pets, for a minimum of four hours
  • Provide access to your pest control technician
    • Make sure the technician can get into all closets
    • Move furniture 3 feet away from the walls to allow the technician space to walk between them
    • Vacuum all areas

Every bed bug job is unique. As a result, please follow additional instructions as directed by the technician after the initial treatment. 

Wash Your Clothing

  • Wash and dry all washable clothing, towels, linens, and similar items
    • Place clean items inside sealed plastic storage bins or garbage bags
    • Store all washed clothing away from the infested area(s) until after the treatment is completed
  • For clothes or fabrics that require dry-cleaning,
    • Place dirty clothing in sealed container
    • Inform the cleaner about the bed bug risk

Keep cleaned garments away from infected area(s) until treatment is completed.

How Do You Prevent the Spread of Bed Bugs?

  • Seal and/or caulk cracks and crevices near beds along baseboards, moulding, heating & A/C units, pipe chases, conduits, and the like
  • Repair holes and other damage in walls
  • Re-glue peeling wallpaper, repair peeling paint, and fix other damage that may provide hiding places for bed bugs
  • Bag, seal, and discard belongings and debris left behind by occupants who have vacated
  • Damage, destroy, or label as “infested” all potentially infested beds, mattresses, and furniture that are going to be discarded after treatment so they cannot be reused
    • Do not discard belongings until after bed bug treatment is complete

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Bed bugs are resilient and particularly difficult to get rid of from your home or business. At Newport Exterminating, our bed bug treatments are efficient and effective. If you see signs of bed bugs or are tired of being bitten, contact us and schedule an appointment today.

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